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Tower Maintenance

Tower Maintenance

Site Maintenance

We offer complete site maintenance contracts and/or repairs including air conditioners, gates, fences, grounds, grounding, quarterly inspections, annual inspections, monitoring, and complete lighting repair contracts. We take ownership of your sites and ensure that they are properly maintained, safe, attractive, and compliant with all FCC and FAA regulations.

Site Inspections

Utilize our in-house site inspection program, or utilize our services to complete your specific requirements regarding quarterly or annual tower inspections. We offer steel data measurements, inspections, and plumb/tension services, as well as electrical components, transmission lines, antennas, guy wire tension when required, fencing and access roads. Potential problems are detailed in a professional summary, which includes a site report, color photos of your tower and an itemized analysis of potential repairs.

Grounds Keeping

We are licensed in the states that we serve to provide ground maintenance and weed control. We take quality care of not only your tower, but of the surrounding grounds and road. We can efficiently handle any problems that may arise at your site, from debris removal to mending fences to road repair.


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