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Site Services

Site ServicesAnrtisu Certified for Lines & Antenna

Our technicians have had extensive training in Anritsu line sweeping. They have attended the 2 day Anritsu training courses and know how to conduct line sweeps, how different system components affect line sweep measurements, how to use DTF to get accurate distance to fault results, and how to locate, document, and resolve cable line transmission problems. Our technicians are certified to install, test, and maintain RF cable feed lines.

Microwave Path Analysis

  • We offer complete path analysis and turnkey installation of microwave systems.

Fiber Optics

  • We offer complete fiber optic cabling installation from interoffice fiber to long distance installations


MillerCo has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of SCADA applications including the wiring and integration of such in utility applications that include distribution automation, substations, and power plants.

Stealth Tower Needs

MillerCo can properly replace any size or kind of flag needed at a stealth tower site; we have replaced American flags as large as 30' x 60'. We can also install, repair, or replace any spot lighting needed at the base of the flag pole.

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