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We have complete and working test systems in our shop along with a comprehensive inventory of parts to repair and return any obstruction lighting system within 2 days of arrival. Our tests systems provide tech support for tower technicians and allow our technicians to pinpoint and solve problems with systems without having to send that system back to the manufacturer.

We stock a complete selection of OEM parts and limited non-OEM parts that can be shipped immediately upon request. Our warehouse and shop is fully stocked with various systems and their components, we can generally have a customized system at a site within two days of ordering.

Emergency Communications Support

This photo was from an ice storm that affected a rural area of Arkansas at the end of January 2009. Southern Power sent out a total of 83 crews to try and restore power to over 100,000 customers.

At MillerCo we provide emergency communication support for Southern Power Company line crews by mounting antennas for repeaters?on structures such as water towers, cell towers and buildings.?

Typical radio-to-radio communications are around 3 to 4 miles, however, with the use of antennas and repeaters that range can be increased up to 20 miles.? We only have to do this when another utility company requires Southern Power Company to go off system and their SoLinc radios cannot be utilized.?

These occurrences which include hurricanes, tornadoes, and ice storms happen only once or twice a year, but the type of climbing that is done in these situations are usually under adverse conditions including high winds or extreme cold.

Bird Deterrents

We have the capabilities to create region specific bird deterrents to fit your tower’s needs. We take environmental safety very serious, and follow all regulations as cited by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our bird deterrents safely keep birds from nesting on your towers so that their nests do not become future problems for the tower or tower equipment.


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