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About Us

MillerCo Inc, a privately held woman owned Mississippi Corporation, established in 1997 is focused on providing customer driven value based solutions. We offer complete installation and integration of all tower obstruction lighting systems and their respective monitoring device. MillerCo has been a voting member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) since 2000, and in 2009 Jimmy Miller, President of MillerCo, was elected to the Board of Directors of NATE.

We specialize in providing the highest level of customer service in the business by adding value to each and every job, standing behind our work, and offering fast and efficient response time to the customers we serve. We believe that if we can fully satisfy the needs of our customers, always remain accountable, and exceed the level of service desired, that we will earn the right to partner with our customers. In our 14 years of business we have served over 40,000 NOTAMS throughout the United States.

We have operational centers in:

  Birmingham, AL Little Rock, AR
  Ocala, FL Lake Charles, LA
  Gulfport, MS Shreveport, LA
  Dayton, OH Amarillo, TX
  Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX

The regional operation centers allow us to efficiently travel across the United States to meet our customers’ needs. By having trucks spread throughout the South East we are able to reach customers as far west as New Mexico, as far North as Wisconsin, as far North East as North Carolina, and as far South as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Our trucks carry enough equipment and supplies to have a 98% one trip rate response.

MillerCo, Inc.

14376 County Farm Road Gulfport, MS 39503
Phone: 228-832-3352
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